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What is creative coaching? 

Creative coaching is a relatively new industry, but it is gaining traction as more and more people are paving their own career paths and/or actively pursuing creative endeavors as a career.

Creatives tend to have more fears and less faith in their natural abilities than those in any other line of work. I will help you work through those fears, as well as help you work through the feelings of overwhelm that come with pursuing a non-traditional pathway. 

Why should I work with you?

Too many times, I've gone through pages and pages of information wishing there were some sort of step-by-step plan that I could follow, instead of more pages to read. There is so much noise out there and I've sifted through much of it, and I don't want you to waste your time sifting through it too.

I believe that working with a creative coach should be like working with a friend who wants nothing more for you than to be your very best. A relationship with a creative coach should be built on trust, goodwill, and a genuine passion for the shared pursuit of creativity.

I've worked with artists (mostly actors) for five years now, and I absolutely love watching them work through their fears and grow into their own as an artist. 

As someone that intimately understands the fears that plague artists, as well as someone who has worked through those fears to build a life around my chosen art form, I can help you build a life you love to wake up to. 

What can I expect from a creative coaching session?

Our first coaching session will be mainly an introductory consultation, where I spend a little bit of time getting to know you, your goals for coaching, and the problems you are hoping to work through. However, you will leave this (and every) session with several action items to work on throughout our time apart.

You can then expect a follow-up email from me about halfway through the downtime, checking on your progress and giving you a couple of things to think about for our next session. 

Every subsequent session will have us diving immediately into checking up on how action items went the week(s) before, and checking in with the things I've asked you to think about. We will continue the sessions working through problems, issues, fears, and overwhelm, so that you feel better prepared to handle the journey ahead. 

When you work with me, you'll receive a practical, actionable plan driven by your own passions and curiosities, tailored to your own uniqueness that will empower you to build a life you love.

My ultimate goal is for you to no longer need me. I want you to feel empowered enough in your own career and pursuits in order to take the necessary steps on your own to move forward. While you may have your own goals for our time together, my goals for you will always be this:

  • A cultivated resilience of your identity as an artist
  • Learning to take care of your artist soul so that it can perform at its very best
  • A toolbox that will help you work through fears and problems on your own

 Introductory pricing will only be available for a limited time!


Why an application? Creative coaching is a very personal thing, and not all creative coaches will work well with every person looking for creative coaching. The application process is quick and painless, and is just a way for me to ensure that not only will we work well together, but that I can help you reach your career and creative goals, efficiently and effectively. 

Not ready to take the leap yet?

No worries! I also offer single coaching sessions and group coaching if 1:1 isn't really your thing. You can also get connected to our online Facebook group, where you will have access to our fabulous tribe of badass artists. Or check out our course offerings and see if something there will fit your needs.

There are options available at every price point and for every level of commitment.  
Continuing to live a life you aren't in love with is not one of them. 


Have you ever worked with a creative coach? What were your experiences like? Let me know, or feel free to ask any questions you may have, in the comments!

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