The Fierce Creative Manifesto

At The Fierce Creative, I believe that the pursuit of a creative endeavor is a wholehearted one that begins and ends with your inner self. Inspired by the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Bonnie Gillespie, Jen Sincero, and countless other creatives, the Fierce Creative Manifesto is a representation of one of the first commitments you make to yourself when you decide to pursue a creative life. 

The Fierce Creative Manifesto is a way of life, committing to yourself as both a creator of wonderful things and a willing participant in the world around you. It is a promise to engage with the present, to give your creative soul the care it needs to thrive, and to immerse yourself in a confidence of your own uniqueness. 

The wolf serves as a symbol of freedom, inner strength, self-confidence, and courage. Some may choose to adopt the wolf as their spirit animal, others may use it simply as a reminder of the commitment they have made to themselves. 

The Fierce Creative Manifesto

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